Patient Testimonials

"I have lower back and neck tightness and pain on a regular basis. I was trained as a nurse practitioner during a time when chiropractic was discouraged due to lack of research and understanding of the field. I have evolved to seek care that is comprehensive, reduces the need for medication and is cooperative in nature.

Since becoming a patient of Dr. Davis I have a significant reduction of pain. I have dramatically improved range of motion in my hips and reduced tightness of hips, upper thighs and neck.

I would absolutely recommend Dr. Davis to a friend or family member. In fact, I already have! I love the individualized approach to care that involves me in my own healthcare. I believe his practice is set apart by the broad availability of modalities, discussion of exercises and stretches for optimal improvement. He involves me in my own healthcare instead of just doing adjustments."

- Marsha C.

"I am a firm believer in chiropractic care. I have irreparable damage from three car accidents. I refuse to allow the damage to my neck and spine to rule my life and keep me from doing all the things I want to do. Our body is like a car, it is great until you drive it off the lot. Anything that happens after that wears and tears. Our body needs continual maintenance. Sure, you can skip the checkups, but it will cost more in the long run. Through the treatment I receive at Davis Spine Associates, including deep tissue massage therapy, I can work in my garden and flower beds, shoveling and lifting dirt. I was able to sit endless hours at the computer, day in and day out, completing my National Board Certification and a Master's degree. I am always crawling and jumping with my students and the majority of my instruction is done on the floor. Chiropractic care makes this possible and allows me to live my life to the fullest without continual pain."

- Cheryl S.

Kindergarten teacher, Catawba County Schools

"I am 41 years old with a major back problem. I refuse to take narcotic drugs or get surgery for my back. Dr. Davis was my last try at having any kind of quality of life with all the pain I suffer. I was never a true believer in Chiropractors, but I took a leap of faith and met Dr. Davis a couple months ago. I have to say that I think he has saved my life. I want to personally that Dr. Davis and his staff for allowing me to have some kind of normal life. I still have little issues, but no where near the pain that I had three months ago. I think the Lord has blessed me to allow our paths to cross. If any of you out there are faced with back pain and want a chance at a normal life I would suggest to you to take the leap of faith that I did. My quality of life is increasing as I go through the daily exercise routine and visits to the office. Thank you so much for what you are and have done for my family and I."

- Matthew O.